Chaminade Music Club
Bringing great music to the community since 1912
The Chaminade Music Club has two classifications for membership, Performing and Associate. Dues are payable in August, upon receipt of the annual dues letter.

- $25.00 / Individual
- $40.00 / Couple
- $15.00 / High School Student - 11th & 12th grade: membership includes eligibility for student competition
- $15.00 / College: includes opportunity to perform. Please indicate what college you attend and send copy of your college ID.

- Additional Contributions accepted: Members of the Chaminade Music Club who give performances on the stage of the Sweet Club House have wished for better lighting. Our President, Ann Sears, offered a gift of stage lights to the Sweet Club House. The Sweet Club House board members are sympathetic to the plea, and have asked an electrician to design a flexible, adjustable system of track lighting over the stage. Please consider a donation towards this project. It will help us to provide a meaningful gift to the Sweet Club House, and a welcome improvement for Chaminade Music Club performers.

As always, we will have a basket at each concert for any donations by members and guests. The Chaminade Music Club is a non-profit 501C (3) organization and all contributions are tax-deductible.
Performing Members

Performing members perform at designated club programs.
Applicants must present two selections of their own choosing and audition before the Executive Board. The Executive Board will accept a performing member based upon ability and experience.

Complete the Online Application to become a Performing Member. Upon receipt of your form, we will contact you to arrange an audition.
Associate Members

Associate members support the club by their dues, and by attending the concerts. They may also take care of the hospitality responsibilities for the Club, including preparation, serving and clean up at designated programs. Anyone is welcome to join as an associate member.
Complete the Online Application to become an Associate Member.