Chaminade Music Club
Bringing great music to the community since 1912
                                                LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE CHAMINADE MUSIC CLUB - AUGUST 2016

As always, the Executive Board of the Chaminade Music Club gratefully thanks you for another successful concert season. Year after year, we continue to find time to support the Club, despite inclement weather, busy lives, and a still difficult economy for small non-profit organizations. In the 2015-2016 season we presented excellent concerts and gave significant awards to our scholarship competition winners. We appreciate all the members who made the season so rewarding: our performers; our loyal hospitality committees, who provide our unique blend of music and friendship so graciously; our treasurer Laura Ouellette, who continues to manage our finances superbly; Mary Whelan, for continued good publicity and constant logistical support, as well as supervising hospitality and piano maintenance; and Nathan Johnson, who directed the scholarship auditions. We are deeply thankful to those who made donations in addition to paying their dues.

2016-2017 OFFICERS:

Ann Sears, President

Mary Whelan,Vice-president

Beatrice Ruiz, Secretary

Laura Ouellette, Treasurer and Webmaster

Gary Thies, Auditor


As always, we invite you to become more involved with the club. Please perform this year, even if you can only do a short selection; and please respond to our messages and inquiries as quickly as possible to expedite planning and advertising. If you are able, please accept a hospitality assignment; we can all help with arrangements and clean-up. And finally, please promote the club by recruiting new members and by inviting your friends and family to hear you perform. As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Together we really make a difference in all our lives and in our community through supporting the arts.

When possible, concerts will be filmed for showing on the local cable access channel 15, DoubleAC.

Until the new season begins, all best wishes. As always, enjoy the music!

Truly yours,

Ann Sears